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Preparing for an Appliance Repair Service Visit [COVID-19 Guide]

by Pam Silvia

Probably more than ever before, we’ve gotten a lot of use from our home appliances this year. Whether your dishwasher is running extra cycles due to increasing homecooked meals or your washing machine is brimming with loungewear, cloth face masks, and PJs, your kitchen and laundry room have seen more traffic.

If your home appliances have recently stopped working properly, there’s no need to panic. Check out our guide for handling an appliance repair service visit. From helping you determine what sanitization measures to take to figuring out what kind of questions to ask, we’ve got the answers.

Before the Appliance Repair Service Visit

Before rushing to your phone after your refrigerator stops running, we recommend trying to see if the issue is something you can fix yourself. Troubleshooting potential solutions based on online research or feedback from a customer service line can save you the hassle of preparing your home for appliance service and repair.

And if this DIY approach doesn’t solve the problem, schedule a visit! Be sure to check out our Services page to see what our friendly team can do for you—or alternatively, call a local repair shop to see when a technician is available to manually fix the appliance in your home.

With COVID-19 in the air, keep in mind that some businesses may be more cautious in exercising appliance repairs as an essential service. And remember to be patient! The timing of the fix may depend on the appliance manufacturer if a missing or broken part that needs to be replaced is not in stock and needs to be ordered.

If you feel inclined, address any health concerns while you’re on the phone—whether they revolve around you, your family members, and the service technician. Open communication regarding social-distancing measures will make certain everyone’s boundaries are respected.

Right before your appointment, we suggest disinfecting high-touch surfaces the technician may come into contact with, including door handles and toilet seats. To properly do so, use disposable gloves, a household disinfectant (with at least 70% alcohol), and a clean cloth.

Don’t forget to also sanitize your broken appliance on the inside and outside!

Lastly, be sure to minimize contact with as many people as possible. During the visit, have pets and other family members stay in another room while the technician is hard at work.

During the Appliance Repair Service Visit

As you wait for the service technician to arrive, remember to cover your face with a medical or cloth mask. You may choose to wear disposable gloves as an extra measure or just vigorously wash your hands beforehand.

While the service technician is in your home, abide by CDC social-distancing guidelines. Unless the technician requests your assistance, avoid hovering and maintain a physical distance of at least six feet.

More likely than not, the technician will don a face mask and disposable gloves, but we think it can’t hurt to take matters into your own hands as well—especially when it comes to your health.

After the Appliance Repair Service Visit

After the repair is complete, we recommend disinfecting the appliance once more before resuming use.

In the case that your appliance is broken or is declared unfixable by the technician, take heed to their expert recommendations regarding any additional steps.

In the case of installing a new appliance and requiring expert installation, rinse and repeat! Much of our guide still applies when it comes to technicians entering your home and performing a service.

For all your appliance needs, including appliance service and repair, check out our website to see what our experts can do for you. And if you need to replace your cooking appliance, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer, look to our catalog. Call or visit our store today!