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5 Laundry Room Organization Ideas for Spring Cleaning

by Pam Silvia

Spring cleaning is a whole-home endeavor. In other words, it doesn’t start at dusting your entertainment center and end at machine-washing your curtains and couch pillows—there is still more work to do. After decluttering and deep cleaning your home’s well-trodden areas like your living room and kitchen, we invite you to turn to your laundry room.

There is a good chance your laundry room a blown-up version of the “junk drawer” in your kitchen (it’s okay—we all have one). Because it’s easy for this room to become a landfill of your own creation with loose change, crumpled-up receipts, and food wrappers.

But beyond decluttering this area, disinfecting your washer and dryer, and scrubbing residual detergent off your counters, it might benefit you to consider a complete makeover and overhaul your laundry setup with storage and organization products. Here are our favorite laundry room organization ideas to help get you started.

1. Storage Bins or Baskets

Whether you place wicker baskets on the counter for a cottage-evoking aesthetic or use handled containers in a shelving unit, storage bins can keep your laundry supplies streamlined and hidden from view. And while it is important to discard objects that are no longer functional or treasured, it is just as important to stow away the items that can lend to a messy appearance. Plus, getting rid of clutter to regain use of clear surfaces is a reward in and of itself.

Laundry products to store should certainly include detergent and fabric softener, along with optional cleaners like oxygen bleach, stain remover, baking soda, and distilled white vinegar. Other supplies you may choose to organize in a bin include clothespins, mesh laundry bags, dryer balls, garment steamers, household disinfectants—and more.

modern laundry room with cabinet and storage bins

2. Open Shelves

If you’re tired of your laundry room’s simple cabinetry, you may consider revamping your setup with additional shelves to accessibly contain your laundry supplies. Whether you choose wall-mounted shelves, wire shelving units, wire closet shelves, or a laundry cabinet with open shelves, your space will surely benefit from having extra surfaces for folding laundry and temporarily holding your jug of detergent while you’re loading your appliances.

A welcome consequence of installing more shelves is the opportunity to display a few décor accents, like a vase of flowers and slogan signs (paneled and emblazoned with that one font), and aesthetic storage containers, like glass canisters and burlap jute baskets.

streamlined laundry room featuring a cabinet with open shelves

3. Wall-mounted Clothes Rack

A way to free up some floor space is to have a wall-mounted rod where you can hang up your clean clothes. Especially conducive for small laundry rooms or compact homes, a wall-mounted clothes rack replaces the need to lug around a laundry basket or drying rack—as a bonus, having a rack to immediately hang your work clothes and children’s school uniforms helps prevent wrinkles.

compact laundry setup featuring a wall-mounted rod for hanging clothes

4. Closet Configuration

Speaking of small laundry rooms and compact homes, another way to maximize your space is to invest in stackable washers and dryers to fit them in a closet. Not only does this configuration save space, but it also poses the opportunity to create a multi-purpose repository for storing laundry products and a variety of miscellaneous items including seasonal linens, brooms, mops, dustpans, ironing boards, pet food, cat litter, and more.

The flexibility of your laundry closet, of course, depends on its size whether it’s a freestanding closet system or a recessed compartment in your home.

open freestanding closet revealing stackable washer and dryer and other laundry accessories

5. Laundry Pedestals

On top of raising the height of your washer and dryer to make loading and unloading of laundry easier, some laundry pedestals can also store your detergent, fabric softener, and other essentials. While storage capabilities may vary between products, many laundry pedestals can be pulled out like a drawer to function as a hidden storage compartment.

If you have a front-loading laundry pair and could appreciate a break for your back, laundry pedestals may be a viable option for your setup.

front-load washer and dryer pair with laundry pedestals

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